1. To strengthen relationships between Japan and Australia through sport
  2. To showcase and build understanding of Australia in Japan
  3. Bring together FRIENDS OF AUSTRALIA across Japan


Senator the Hon Marise Payne

Foreign Minister

“By bringing together Team Australia in Japan, the Australian Government’s AUS+RALLY sports diplomacy initiative shows our support for Japan’s leadership in focusing the world on our shared Indo-Pacific region through the power of sport.”

Mr Matt Carroll AM

The Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) Chief Executive Officer

“AOC can play a valuable role building bridges in the Asia/Pacific region and beyond. With our family of 44 sports, the AOC has both the capacity and the desire to make a contribution on the ground in a substantial way.”

Ms Lynne Anderson

Paralympics Australia Chief Executive Officer

“The people of Japan now have a golden chance to build a more inclusive society for people with a disability through Paralympic sport. Paralympics Australia is excited to help the people of Japan achieve that goal.”

Ms Leisel Jones OAM

Olympic gold-medal-winning swimmer

“We have a great relationship with Tokyo and I think the Australian athletes in particular feel very comfortable competing here. We do hope that if there is no Japanese swimmer in the pool that they may like to cheer for Australians.”

Mr Curtis McGrath OAM

Paralympic gold-medal-winning para-canoeist

“Sport is a great way to connect and empower people right around the world. This is why the Paralympic and Olympic Games are important to me. The power of sport has many layers and this is just one.”


Friends of Australia (FOA) are partners of the AUS+RALLY campaign, an Australian Government sports diplomacy initiative in Japan. They provide support for this campaign and help advance the relationship between Australia and Japan. As of June 2020, 22 local governments and organisations have been recognised as FOA.

  • Friends of Australia
  • Host town
  • Abashiri-shi,
    Hokkaido pref.
  • Kamaishi-shi,
    Iwate pref.
  • Nagaoka-shi,
    Niigarta pref.
  • Ota-shi, Gunma Pref.
  • Inashiki-shi,
    Ibaraki pref.
  • Kanto region
  • Takatsuki-shi, Osaka pref.
  • Ibaraki-shi,
    Osaka pref.
  • Nara Pref. & Nara-shi
  • Osaka pref.
  • Kyotango-shi, Kyoto pref.
  • Nishiwaki-shi, Hyogo pref
  • Kobe-shi,
    Hyogo pref.
  • Wakatyama-shi, Wakayama pref.
  • Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima pref.
  • Susaki-shi, Kochi pref.
  • Miyakojima-shi,


  • Australian Football League Japan
  • Australian and New Zealand Chamber of Commerce in Japan
  • Club Australia
  • Gateway
  • The Exective Commitee for the Australian Patrol Competition Project
  • Tokyo Goannas

  • Ina-machi, Saitama
  • Ageo-shi,
    Saitama pref.
  • Saitama pref.
  • Toda-shi,
    Saitama pref.
  • Musashino-shi,
    Tokyo pref.
  • Fuchu-shi,
    Tokyo pref.
  • Odawara-shi,
    Kanagawa pref.
  • Urayasu-shi,
    Chiba pref.
  • Chuo-ku,
    Tokyo pref.
  • Bureau of Tokyo 2020 Olympic
    and Paralympic Games Preparation