Answers to the quiz on Australian sports

Answers to the quiz on Australian sports

Here are the answers to the questions about Australian sports with some bonus background information. How many correct answers did you get?

1. The two animals found on Australia’s Coat of Arms are the kangaroo and the emu. They were chosen for symbolic reasons because both are only able to move in a forward direction. They also feature in the artwork of many First Australians.


2. The most studied language in Australia besides English is Japanese. According to the ABC News, the top 5 popular languages are Japanese, French, German, Mandarin and Indonesian. In Queensland, one primary school teaches half of their classes in Japanese. A good example of the closeness between Australia and Japan!

3. The last torch relay runner at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games was Cathy Freeman OAM. She played an important role in an Opening Ceremony that celebrated both a century of women’s participation and the heritage of Indigenous Australians. At the Games, she won the gold medal at the 400m.


4. The nickname of the Australian national women’s hockey team is the Hockeyroos. As you may be able to guess, “roo” comes from kangaroo. Many Australian national sporting teams have nicknames inspired by animals, such as the Wallabies for men’s rugby, the Wallaroos for women’s rugby, the Socceroos for men’s football and the Dolphins for the swimming team.

Photo by Tourism Australia

5. The name of the official mascot for the Australian Olympic Team is the Boxing Kangaroo (BK). The BK flag was popularised during Australia’s successful challenge for the 1983 America’s Cup yacht race. The image has since become synonymous with Australian sport.


6. The Australian Paralympic team has participated in the Games since the inaugural Paralympic Games in Rome in 1960. Daphne Hilton, a pioneer of Paralympic, won six of the Australian Team’s 10 medals. At three Games, she won 14 medals across five sports, including Para-athletics and Para-swimming.