AUS+RALLY school visit in Saitama

AUS+RALLY school visit in Saitama

Australian Embassy staff visited Saitama’s Inagakuen Public High School on 15 November as part of an ongoing series of school visits to AUS+RALLY host towns.

Inagakuen is well known for its international connections and English-language education. Public Diplomacy Counsellor Michael Hoy conducted an all-English lesson for 80 eager Year 8 students, with a quiz on the Australia-Japan relationship, Aussie sports and school life in Australia.

Inagakuen students also impressed with their own English-language presentations on Australia. Groups presented on various topics, such as “Australian Christmas” and “popular snacks”. Thirty Inagakuen students will visit Australia next year and we hope this introductory class was useful!

Saitama prefecture and Ageo city are part of the AUS+RALLY Friends of Australia network, with Ina town providing an important training base for Australia’s judo athletes in 2020.